Manufacturing process

  • Raw materials received for the capsules are placed in quarantine until identification tests are completed. If the material is equivalent to accepted industry standards, Quality Control will release the material and assign it a lot number.
  • Upon release, the raw mate- rials will be weighed out as specified in the formula. Each weighing is double checked for accuracy.
  • The active ingredients are blended together geometrically by weight to assure homogeneity. Fillers are then added to the active ingredient blend. Each ingredient is double checked for accuracy as it is added to the blender. The matrix of these compounds is then blended to a uniform and consistent product.
  • The matrix is then filled into the capsules. Weight specifications are followed as specified in the formula. A color match with a sample fill standard of the capsules is verified by Quality Control to assure batch to batch consistency.
  • Quality Control tests the capsules every half hour during the run. This assures that the finished capsule meets the formula specification for weight.
  • Quality Control then performs identification checks. The finished product is then released after the laboratory tests are approved
  • The capsules are then cleaned to remove any fill material that may adhere to the outside of the capsule. Samples are then submitted to Quality Control for laboratory tests.