Medical Disclaimer

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This medical disclaimer (hereinafter referred to as "Medical Disclaimer") is an integral part of our Terms and Conditions; Any term not specifically defined in this Medical Disclaimer but defined in our General Terms and Conditions shall have the same meaning as the same term as defined in our General Terms and Conditions

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Your use of the Website, our Program and / or our Services / Products, as well as your participation in any activity proposed on the Website, automatically entails your acceptance of the terms of this Notice of Non- Medical liability.

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1. The Website, our Program and our Services / Products consist of information-related applications and contents (published on the Internet) relating to the proper management of weight loss and which (i) are provided to you "as is" The state) and without warranty of any kind whatsoever, whether express or implied, and (ii) are solely intended to assist you in your personal effort to lose weight.

2. Nutravitali is neither a medical organization nor a health organization nor a health professional (none of the contents of our Program and of our Services / Products can be interpreted as meaning otherwise) and our members Staff (who are also not health professionals) are not

(I) give you medical advice, and / or

(Ii) make medical diagnoses.

3. No information, made available or posted on the Website, or through our Program and / or our Services / Products, can be considered as medical advice or diagnosis. The information and reports provided by Nutravitali through the Website can not be considered as a substitute for

(a) a personal and professional medical consultation proposed by a physician, and / or

(b) a medical assessment (diagnosis included) by a physician, or

(c) treatment prescribed by a physician.

We strongly advise you to

(I) consult with a physician before beginning any weight loss regimen, and / or

(Ii) see a doctor if you have any doubts about your health before starting a diet (designed to lose weight) as part of our program.

Our Website, Program and Services / Products

(a) are directed only to healthy adults (if in doubt, please consult a doctor prior to enrollment), and

(b) are not intended for use by pregnant women or individuals suffering from any health or medical condition. People suffering from a health or medical condition are expressly and strongly encouraged to obtain the prior medical opinion of a physician before beginning any form of diet in order to lose weight.

4. None of our products, programs and / or physical exercises offered by Nutravitali, especially through the Website, should be implemented and monitored without the prior permission of your doctor or other healthcare professional. The information contained in this Medical Disclaimer does not generally constitute advice of any kind (to the attention of natural or legal persons) and is not, a fortiori, Specific advice on physical and / or mental health; So this information should not be considered by you as advice of any nature whatsoever.

5. There are risks associated with following our Program and / or participating in any of the activities offered on the Website for persons whose health is fragile or degraded or with (Such as pregnant women) that it is not recommended or that it would be dangerous to follow / participate in our Program and / or activities offer.

Given the existence of such risks, you should not, under any circumstances, participate in such activities, including but not limited to weight loss programs, if you are not in good health or Have a medical history (physical or mental) or if you are in a particular state of health (such as pregnancy) that it is not recommended or that it would be dangerous for you to attend / participate in our Program and / Or the activities we propose. If you choose to participate in these slimming programs, you do so voluntarily and fully aware of the risks associated with following a slimming program.

6. The information published on the Website must be considered accurate but not exhaustive as of the date on which it is inserted / placed on the Website. All data on our Website are provided to you for information purposes only. The Products / Services offered on the Website are only offered in territories where they can legally be provided.

7. Except in cases of gross negligence or willful misconduct, you agree not to seek liability (including claims to compel payment of legal fees and expenses ) Of Nutravitali, its officers / representatives and / or employees in the event of bodily injury suffered by you or caused to you by a third party (whether direct or indirect) in the Use of the Website, our Program and / or our Products / Services (including, in particular, slimming and exercise programs).

8. The testimonials, case studies and examples included on the Website were sent to us by users of our products / services and the Products / Services linked to it.

Each person

(I) has experience in the use of our products (and Products / Services related thereto)

(Ii) has physical exercise habits of his or her own,

(Iii) has personal eating habits, and

(Iv) applies the information received through the Website, our Program and our Products / Services in a different manner. Your experience may differ from those described in previous testimonials / examples which are not a guarantee of the results (similar or identical to the said testimonials / past examples) and what may be your experience of using our Program and related Products / Services.

If Nutravitali discloses standard results based on information provided to Nutravitali by a manufacturer or any reputable third-party source, you must assume that these standard results are more reliable than other examples found on the Website or provided by us .

Nevertheless, you should always exercise your critical judgment and carry out your own verifications / research in order to judge the value of such results and you should never take such results literally.

Although Nutravitali does its best to work only with third parties with an excellent reputation, Nutravitali can not and can not be held responsible for errors or omissions in the standard results provided to Nutravitali by manufacturers Or other renowned third parties. If a Product or Service is new, you understand and agree that it has not been available for a sufficient period of time to provide a reliable and accurate history of results.

If you have any questions about this Medical Disclaimer, or if you are interested in testimonials, case studies, and / or examples on the Website or otherwise submitted by us, please send an e-mail to The following address: support @ or write to us at the postal address below.